Balm of Gilead Oil 2 Oz, a Handcrafted Body Oil


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Balm of Gilead Oil 2 Oz, a Handcrafted Body Oil Description

Balm of Gilead Oil is a highly fragrant oil; used in religious services for anointing purposes. It has a long history and found within the pages of the Bible. Our oil is made using ancient infusion methods. We use natural wild crafted buds from a remote area along the Alaskan coastline, which is far away from pollution. The young buds of balsam poplar trees secrete a powerfully aromatic and healing resin high in salicylic acid, the active ingredient in aspirin. The scent of this oil is sweet and clean, like the freshest spring day. This oil is analgesic, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory. Balm of Gilead oil is one of the first infused oils that Karen learned to make. In 1981, while she was living on the banks of the Russian River in Kodiak, Alaska. Under a Balsam Poplar tree, in spring, the buds of the tree began to ooze with yellow-green sap that filled the air with a miraculous scent. She was reading one of Jean Rose’s herbals to learn that people had been making analgesic oils with the sap of trees for centuries. We formulate this oil using organic and natural materials of the highest quality. The oils used are organic, and buds are wild-crafted under the care of a certified organic farmer without the use of pesticides, herbicides or other poisonous chemicals. This product contains no commercial fragrances. Never tested on Animals How to Use: For Religious Rites, Or as a personal body oil for healing and help with tired muscles and joints, Can be used as a bath oil by pouring one tablespoon into hot bath water, or can be applied to minor skin irritation. Enjoy the uplifting scent.

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