Deb Instant Non-Alcohol Hand Sanitizer (56827) 6/Case


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Deb Instant Non-Alcohol Hand Sanitizer (56827) 6/Case Description

Instant Non-Alcohol Hand Sanitizer Refill (56827) 6/Case.Deb. Highly effective, alcohol free, lightly scented foaming hand sanitizer that kills up to 99.99% in just 30 seconds. Contains skin conditioners to prevent drying of the skin. Case Quantity: 6.Size: 1L Cartridge.Provides effective sanitizing without drying out the skin. Foams instantly, spreading product quicker and more effective.Only one dose is required to provide effective hand sanitizing. Provides over 1400/2800 high quality hand sanitizers from each 1 liter cartridge.Saves Water: Instant foam lather can be applied direct to dry hands before rinsing saving approximately 45% of water consumption. Locations of use: Outdoor, Office/Commercial/Leisure, Medical Rooms & Laboratories and Food Service & Catering

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